Streamline Boats

Streamline boats range from 15′ and up.

Deep reverse chine bottom improves performance. Modified V helps planing, reduces drag and gives maximum performance with minimum power. The variable-V bottom allows you to operate in water conditions ranging from rough deep water to shallow rivers.

Floatation and water tight compartments under the fully welded floor make Streamline boats unsinkable. Unique bottom designs offer a smooth and safe ride at top speeds and sharp turns.

Streamlines Hydro-Lifting Pad bottom is designed to create a column of clean, unairaited water to feed the intake of the jet or propellor. It also acts as a running surface when the hull is on plane, allowing it to run with less wetted surface improving fuel economy and handling.

Your power choice is Jet, Outboard, Inboard, or Stern drives.

Custom features and modifications can be designed into any Streamline boat to suit your needs and make it a boat truely designed for you.