About Us

Streamline Boats & Trailers Ltd.

Since 1989, Pawel Zakrzewski, owner of Streamline Boats, has been designing and testing welded aluminum boats in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

Zakrzewski hails from Poland and brings with him unique European innovations. He turned his boat-building dream into a career in 1997 when he founded Streamline Boats & Trailers Ltd..

Streamline custom designs and builds river, ocean and lake boats for recreational and commercial purposes using jet, sterndrive and outboard applications. Boats built by Streamline are designed and built to suit each customer’s individual needs and purposes. The construction used in the hull design incorporates Streamline’s own propietary hydro-lift pad bottom and variable V deadrise, giving sharp entry for superiour rough water ride and protection against pump cavitation. The design tapers back to a shallow deadrise at the transom, which allows the boat to run in extreme shallow water. Streamline’s newly engineered hull gives boaters an all-water package: one multi-purpose boat, improved fuel efficiency, less water drag (meaning more speed), and less wear-and-tear on engine and pump parts.

With double-welded hulls, built-in flotation, full-length stringers and cross brace hull stiffeners, the design concepts built into each Streamline boat all contribute to the lifetime of durability, performance, and, above all, safety.